Labyrinth Events in June and July

The Fruits of the Sun
Summer Solstice Celebration
Tuesday, June 21 — 5PM
Chase Park, Shattuck Lane (behind the windmill)

It is the first day of summer, the longest and brightest day of the year. Along with cultures from allover the Northern Hemisphere, we will gather to honor the life-giving gift of the high sun’s warmth and healing energy. Join us as we cautiously emerge from the shadowy days of the Pandemic and find our way back into
the light of the community.
All are welcome. This is a free offering.

Chatham Labyrinth
10th Anniversary Celebration
July 16, 2022 — 2PM
Chase Park, Shattuck Lane (behind the windmill)

On behalf of Pilgrim’s Landing, the entire community of Chatham and beyond are cordially invited to attend the 10th anniversary of the Chatham Labyrinth. The seven churches of Chatham gifted the town with a Labyrinth for its 300th Anniversary in 2012 and provided the initial seed money. And you, the community at large, generously donated the rest.

The Chatham Labyrinth is a meditative walk using an ancient circular pattern created out ofpavers, that has one winding path to the center and back out again. We were united in our desire to provide a welcoming and peaceful walk in a beautiful, natural
setting for all those who “Find Their Way Here”, which was the theme of the 300th Anniversary.

And now 10 years later the Chatham Labyrinth remains an ever widening circle of welcome in the center of our busy town, a place where all paths and people may meet in kinship and peace.

As part of our celebration and for the first time, we will acknowledge the land on which the labyrinth is built, offering recognition and gratitude to its original inhabitants, the Wampanoag People.

Pilgrim’s Landing serves as “the Landing” for the Labyrinth. It is our privilege to assume responsibility for its maintenance and to offer many educational programs and guided walks. We hope that all of you will join us as we look to to the future, share stories and express our gratitude to all of you who have found your way here.

…A circle of oneness,
“whose center is everywhere,
and circumference is nowhere.” (Voltaire)

For further information, please contact [email protected] or call us at 508-945-1304.

Walking the labyrinth can be a personal practice that quiets and clears the mind, opens the heart and grounds the body.  It can be a guide for centering, healing, spiritual growth, a tool for building community, an agent for global peace.  It may also just be a nice, quiet walk in the park.

The design chosen for the Chatham Labyrinth is a replica of the 11-circuit medieval labyrinth found in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France.  Everything is in proportion to everything else which helps create harmony and fluid energy.

Pilgrim’s Landing is grateful to be the “caretakers” of the Chatham Labyrinth and for the support of our labyrinth community. We are also grateful for whatever wisdom the labyrinth holds for those who find their way there.

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We look forward to meeting you on your journey!